How to Write a Thesis Statement for An Argumentative Essay

September 18, 2023

thesis statement in argumentative essay

This is the only guide you will ever need to read to write a thesis statement for an argumentative essay. 

So it’s important to read it carefully and implement what you learn right away. 

For many students, writing a perfect statement for an argument can be a complete nightmare.

However, once you learn and know how to approach this part of the assignment from the eyes of a professor, you’ll have an easy time doing the work.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to write a thesis statement for any type of an argument. You’ll find the tips shared in this article useful even if you’ve never written an essay before.

What’s a Thesis Statement In An Argumentative Essay?

Usually one or two sentences long, and written near the end of an introduction, a thesis statement gives a summary of the central message of your argument.

Since everything else that you write in the body paragraphs of an argument will relate back to the central theme in the thesis, you should write your summary in such a way that guarantees utmost clarity of the subject in question.

In other words, a good thesis for your argumentative essay should be:

  • Concise: Don’t use more words when you shouldn’t and don’t make the statement shorter if it needs more information. If you can make your points clear in a few ones, don’t hesitate to do so. One or two sentences should be enough.
  • Coherent: Even if your thesis statement touches on different aspect of the main topic, you need to make sure they add up to express a single idea.
  • Contentious: A thesis statement with facts or opinion is downright a failed essay. Your audience may not really share your subjective opinion. And if they already know a particular fact, it won’t add any value if you include it in the initial thesis. Focus instead on a claim that requires objective analysis and evidence for defense. In the case of an argumentative essay, the thesis should open room for debate. 

 If your thesis statement can meet these criteria, it will get your instructor (audience) reading the rest of the essay just to understand your thoughts on the topic and why you’ve taken the position in question.

When Should I Write The Thesis Statement?

Some students write their initial thesis after writing the essay and that’s okay.

However, this approach isn’t suitable for all students as it can be quite challenging to adapt. 

More often than not, a thesis statement written after completing the essay may either collide with the arguments you present or not reflect the statement in its entirety.

The most reasonable approach is to write your initial thesis before you start writing your argumentative essay.

So write your essay’s topic, determine what you’d like to say about it, and come up with a clear thesis that will give you a clear direction and structure for the essay.

How to Start a Thesis Statement for Argumentative Essay

Now that you know the right time to write a thesis statement for your argument, let’s look at how you can come up with a working thesis without sweating on the job.

Ask a Question and Write a Relevant Answer

Check the essay prompt to see if it already has a question asked. If it doesn’t, form one yourself.

The question you ask should reflect your interest in examining both sides of an argument. Therefore, asking yourself a question is a great first step to coming up with a working thesis for the assignment.

Next, try to come up with a relevant answer to the question.

You may have to do some initial research to come up with a good answer. But if the topic is something you’re already familiar with, only a few minutes of research should be enough to give you a tentative answer. 

What Makes a Good Thesis Statement for an Argumentative Essay?

A good thesis statement for an argumentative essay should be clear, concise, and descriptive.

Consider taking a very strong position within the thesis so that it’s easy for you to convince your audience that your arguments are not only evidence-based but also packed with objective reasoning they can’t easily refute. 

Simply taking a position won’t be enough. Your statement must tell your target reader why you hold a given position in the first place.

To make your claim even more convincing, summarize the main points that you’ll discuss and expand on in the body paragraphs of the assignment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I place the thesis statement an argumentative essay?

Your thesis statement should come at the end of the introduction.

It should be a sentence long, but you can go to a maximum of two sentences if you have more relevant thoughts to share.

How many words should my thesis statement be?

As far as the word limit for the argumentative essay goes, try to keep your thesis statement as short as 30 to words per sentence.

So if you’re going to have 2 sentences for this, the thesis should be between 60 and 80 words long.

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