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Professional Dissertation Editing Services

Are you looking for dissertation editing services but have no idea what platform to use because the options available are overwhelming? You can bring your dissertation to the next level with the help of our experienced editors.

Why Help for Assessment?



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Help for Assessment is the o solution for professional dissertation editing services. We can save you time and give you the best value for your money. If you’re ready to take your dissertation to the next level in terms of structure and comprehensiveness, our editors can add more value to your paper.

Dissertation Editors at Help for Assessment

We understand how difficult editing a 10,000 to 50,000 words dissertation paper can be. However, you don’t have to worry about fine-tuning your Ph.D. dissertation, because our editors are here to help.

Our editors have been through rigorous training and have edited hundreds of college and university projects for students to whom language articulation is still a problem. With over 5 years in academic editing experience, the team meets the standards required to proofread Ph.D. dissertations on any subject.

One thing our editing team focuses on is timely submission. You’ve spent days working on your dissertation already, so there’s no excuse why the editing phase should delay. Our editors will keep in touch with you throughout the process and send you a notification as soon as your document is ready.

What sets our dissertation editing service apart from the competition is that we point out exactly where you went wrong and recommend the changes you can make on your own before submitting your dissertation to your professor.


Let Our Team Edit Your Dissertation

You dissertation doesn't have to wait until the last minute for editing. Hire our editors to help you with professional proofreading in the shortest time possible.

Why You Should Trust Our Dissertation Editing and Formatting Service

Help for Assessment has been in the writing industry for 5+ years, and we’ve helped hundreds of students get different types of assignments completed in time. As an academic consultant platform, Help for Assessment has been part of many students’ success story, and that’s something worth sharing.

Our editors are the timeliest professionals you’ll ever work with. Whether you’re running late on your dissertation or you want it edited a few days before the submission date, you can get the help you need from us.

One question many people ask is whether Help for Assessment is a scam . We want to assure you that we’re a legitimate service here to help you with dissertation editing.

The Benefit of Hiring Our Dissertation Writing Service

When it comes to choosing dissertation-writing services, you want nothing more than a service that can give you the value for your time and money. That’s what Help for Assessment is here to do.

By hiring us to help you with editing, you will get the following benefits:

1. Timely Delivery

Our editors understand just how important time is, and they do everything possible to make sure you get your dissertation edited within the respective deadline.

That said, it’s important to understand that how long it takes to edit a dissertation depends on the length of the paper. The editors at Help for Assessment can edit at most 10,000 words a day sometimes even less depending on the quality of the document you want editor and the quality of the work therein.

We want you to benefit from our experience and professionalism, so we ask you to give us a more realistic deadline and discuss your project with us before we begin working on it.

The bottom line is we’re always working around the clock to make sure we offer the best proofreading service to all our clients.


Let Our Team Edit Your Dissertation

You dissertation doesn't have to wait until the last minute for editing. Hire our editors to help you with professional proofreading in the shortest time possible.

2. Get Personalized Response from Our Editor

Many editing services spend time editing your work and send you an edited version on time. The problem is they never give you personalized feedback to help you know where you went wrong and what steps to make your dissertation better.

Help for Assessment approaches this service differently.

We give you personalized feedback in the form of comments to make it easier for you to understand why the changes we recommend are necessary for your dissertation. That way, you can enhance the clarity and comprehensiveness of your dissertation paper and take the overall quality to the next level.

3. We’ll Improve Your Dissertation’s Tone and Grammar

Writing a dissertation often presents a big challenge to students, and especially for those to whom English is a second language. Examples of the most common problems include using wrong tenses and not being so certain about the overall sentence structure.

You don’t have to worry at all if you’re struggling with writing.

The editors at Help for Assessment have the training and experience necessary to spot language mistakes that you otherwise missed when writing. Therefore, you can focus on creating content for your dissertation and benefit from our editing skills and experience.

4. We Check Your Dissertation for Clarity

We do more than just correct spelling mistakes, grammar errors, and sentence structure. We want your document to be as coherent and comprehensive as possible, which is why we go the extra mile to check your dissertation for clarity.

Our team has a guiding checklist that helps with clear and concise writing. With this tool, we evaluate your work to determine whether what you’ve written is logical or contradicting, and then point you in the right direction so you can make relevant changes to the document.

We’ve customized our economics assignment help to make it easier for you to get writing assistant for micro and macroeconomics, with the authors assigned to work on your task focusing exclusively on the assignment brief that you provide.


Let Our Team Edit Your Dissertation

You dissertation doesn't have to wait until the last minute for editing. Hire our editors to help you with professional proofreading in the shortest time possible.

Our Editors Offer Structure Check to Organize Your Dissertation

The organization of your document is an important consideration worth checking before you submit your dissertation. That’s why our structure check goes a long way to help you ensure you’ve organized your thoughts in a structure that’s appropriate.

Our editors will spend their time to check whether your dissertation paper has all the necessary components in the right chapter and in their right order.

The last mistake you want to make in your dissertation is to repeat yourself. So with this additional service, you have the assurance of an improved document with the best transition between paragraphs.

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